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the punks go to 6 flags

norwalk punks

And that isnt even all of us that went! Man yesterday was sooo fun, it was the most fun Id had in a long time. OMG it was the funniest shit ever firs thing we had to do when we got to the park was go through the metal detectors..... all of us set it off. Dumb ass Roly wore his bullet belt and the cops ended up confiscating it. And then to add to that stupid ass Andrea got kicked out for being drunk before she even got in the park (but eventually snuck back in) and then Sol couldnt come in with her hand cuffs so she had to take those back to the car, but after all that drama we finally got to go on the rides.

Ha ha I made Alfreado be my ride buddy, he was funny as fuck. On most of the rides he could not stop yelling about his nuts. First he was yellin about the breeze coming through the hole in the crotch of his pants and that his nuts disappeared, then he couldnt stop yelling about how the ride was squishing his nuts. I was laughing the whole time instead of screaming. Some funny shit was when w went on Batman Freado couldnt fit so right when the ride was about to start he started yelling "IM TOO FAT FOR THE RIDE GUYS!" i was bustin up (i also ended up sitting by my love
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