French Kiss The Elderly (blotmeinpowder) wrote,
French Kiss The Elderly

Rosies Birthday Bash

Yesterday was Rosies party, it was ok I guess Ive had better. OK I swear people are fucking retarded, its supposed to be a gig and no one brings equipment. Since I lived the closest Woogie had to drive me to my house to get my guitar. Half way back to the party we had to turn around because I forgot the strap, we get back to the party and I forgot the cord. I dunno who it was but someone had a cord(who carries a cord and no guitar?) so there was no problem. I think I was a little too drunk yesterday, made an ass out of my self as usual, but I really don't care anymore. I had a blast in the pit with the girls, although I ate shit with Jenny once and that did me in. I fucked up my knee/leg bad. (it looks really ugly) I was all limpin and shit yesterday. The thing that made me the most sad was i ripped my tights :( . The guys were being dicks as usual and I let it get to me. I ended up havin a talk outside with Chicken and then walked home with Carol, Drunken Danny trailing behind us. Got too lazy to walk all the way home so I crashed at Carols.

¿Por qué yo déjele ensuciar con mi cabeza como esto?
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