French Kiss The Elderly (blotmeinpowder) wrote,
French Kiss The Elderly


I did it.

I did what I never thought I would do.

I ended it.

I told him that Im not gonna tell him what to do, Im not going to babysit him. If he chooses to fuck up his life with drugs, so be it, but Im not sticking around to see it. I told him that I thought he cared and our relationship actually meant something. Apparently he was just a waste of a year and nine months. All false. All the lying, all the bullshit and all the excuses I never have to hear anymore. I simply said until you can pull you head out of your ass its over, word for word. At least now I can look for someone who has the decency to show emotion, none of these guessing games, someone who doesnt leave me assuming how he feels. Some one who will be affectionate and not ignore me when he around his friends.

I dont see how hard it is to find a decent boyfriend that appreciates what things you do to make him happy.

Of all ways for it to end drugs was never expected.

I will remeber the good times when you loved me and I love you
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