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Party Time!

Last night was a blast! I fuckin danced my ass off, I must have danced for like 4 hours straight. My legs hurt soooo bad. That was the most fun I've had in a long time. I love going to parties at Ralph's house. OMG some scary gangster guy was all on my ass the whole night annoying as hell. OMG Stevie is a party animal she was dancing the whole night and at random she would just grab one of the guys and make him start dancing. But then again all the girls had too because all of the guys were being lame-os and wouldnt dancing willing-ly. Stupid asshole Chief owes me a dance, he said he would dance with me after he finished his forty and never did. Gay as hell. Jesus christ the Santa Fe kids are a bunch of pervs man once they start drinking they don't give a shit about their girlfriends. I stayed away from one of them because I'm not getting meself involved in that. Anywho I had a blast dancing with the guys or the girls. HA HA OMG Angela was sooooo drunk, she was getting all nasty with everyone. Eventually they had to drag her off home. If Franky was there he probably would have shit a brick. </font>
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